Lotus: The Self-Made Witch

Brew gender potions & graduate together(?) with your bestie(?)

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March 21, 2022

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Final exams day has arrived at St. Bertrude’s Academy of Magic and Witchcraft, and there’s no doubt that you’re going to graduate today! And uh, don’t worry too much about Sage. They’re harmless. You’ll graduate together, won’t you?


Lotus: The Self-Made Witch is a short crafting simulation visual novel about brewing potions. Combine three ingredients using a drag and drop system, stir the cauldron, and chat with your fellow classmate who’s taking the finals with you!


Lotus: The Self-Made Witch was developed in a little over a month in a short, private game jam themed around magical schools. The goal was to create a short but highly polish game that could be replayed multiple times.


Logo & Artwork


  • Two witches of various genders
  • Over 4k words
  • Gorgeous original character and background art
  • Original soundtrack
  • Use of the Ren’Py 3D Stage
  • 9 ingredients to work with, 27 unique potions to craft
  • 4 Endings

Other Links

BáiYùhe/theyProducer, Writer, Programmertofu.rocks
Ronovethey/sheCharacter Designer, Character Artistcarrd
Judithanhe/himBackground Artist, Logo Designerweebly
LydianChordthey/themComposer, Sound Designerbandcamp
Potion & Ingredient IconsVisuStellaitch.io
Ren’PyPyTom & Ren’Py Contributorsrenpy.org
ludowoods / jthey/themitch.io

Monetization Permissions

You may create, upload, livestream and monetize videos on online live streaming or other video content websites using the content in Lotus: The Self-Made Witch, so long as the following conditions are met:

  • Lotus: The Self-Made Witch or tofurocks is named in the title or description
  • If possible, include a link to purchase the game in the description
  • Commentary over gameplay, including reading dialogue and narration, is necessary for permanent recordings
  • Unless sponsored as a key review, do not imply or state that your videos are officially affiliated with, sponsored, endorsed or approved by tofurocks

Sales of fan created works based on the Lotus: The Self-Made Witch IP, including but not limited to:

  • Artwork
  • Audio
  • Animations
  • Writing
  • Physical Merchandise, including those made of paper or other materials

Are permitted, so long as the Creator does NOT do the following:

  • Mass production and distribution above a total of 100 units, whether made by hand or via an external manufacturer (defined as outsourcing production to a factory)
  • Use a dropship service (defined as manufacturers who print/manufacture items on demand to ship directly to customers)
  • Use the IP in connection with an unrelated third-party IP (otherwise known as a “crossover”)
  • Use the IP in an offensive, grotesque, racist, sexist, vulgar, disparaging, bigoted or defamatory way
  • Use the IP to depict religious or political imagery, including depictions of religious or political figures, emblems, logos, or any other associated iconography
  • Use official artwork, logos or assets on the fan creation, whether for advertising or as part of the design
  • State or suggest that the fan work is official, licensed, or otherwise authorized by [Developer] or Project Ensō
  • Run crowdfunding campaigns to create merchandise based on IP, even if it is under the 100-unit order quantity or made by hand
  • Create NFTs (non-fungible tokens) or cryptocurrencies based on the IP
  • Offer items that significantly compete with official merchandise, if applicable

Commissions are permitted only if there is a single transaction between Client and Creator, and the resulting work is not monetized further.

For Digital Downloads such as wallpapers, novelty applications or fangames, please contact tofurocks.games@gmail.com for inquiries.

Personal, non-commercial (AKA not-for-profit) fan creations, such as non-commissioned fan art, creating a small batch of customized apparel for a private event, or having a themed birthday party is permitted.

These guidelines do not, in any way, constitute grant of any proprietary rights or licenses as it pertains to use of Lotus: The Self-Made Witch IP. tofurocks and its affiliates reserve the right to:

  • issue a formal takedown request for any content that infringes on tofurocks’ IP rights
  • stop or restrict your use of tofurocks’ IP at any time
  • modify these guidelines at any time without notice

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